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In the kitchen you often have to go in and out of her, bringing and introducing the plates with hot dishes. In this room are also noisy housework: washing dishes, going on the knocking of Cutlery, and cooking, which is associated with different smells. And if the kitchen is in the house or apartment is a separate room, should reflect on the choice of easy to operate door, which will ensure proper tightness.

Swing door

Swing door is the most popular solution in apartments and private homes. Deciding to install such a door, you need to pay attention to several important issues.

An important choice between the right and left door with as furniture in the kitchen. The left door opens clockwise. Standing in front left door (if the door opens in your direction), the loop will be located on the left and the handle lock on the right side. Right door (with the opener itself) Vice versa – loops will be located on the right and the handle on the left. In this case you must choose a door that will not come into contact when opening the, kitchen furniture.

If the furniture is located and the right and left, it is recommended to install a door that opens outward. However, in the corridor will require more space for movement of the door leaf. This solution has another advantage – coming out of the kitchen with a tray, the open door will be easy to push your body to it opened.

Deciding to fit in the kitchen door opening outward or inward, be aware of the location of light switches.

Sliding door

Interesting solution for the kitchen is a sliding door. This door is a good solution for small spaces, especially if we are talking about a door which hides inside the wall. However, such design requires installing additional plasterboard wall in which you will get the installation space for the cassette sliding door. This will free up space inside the kitchen and in the hallway that can be used at their discretion.

Sliding door can have the same success and to divide and combine spaces into one space.

The advantage of this solution is that it eliminates the situation, when open the door leaf of the two adjacent doors go on top of each other, which is very important if the corridor near the kitchen is the entrance to other rooms. However, be aware that opening this door will always be free hand.

Foldable door

For kitchen a folding door is rarely used (door, accordion). First, it can be difficult in terms of folding it every time you pass.

Secondly, having decided to install a folding door in the kitchen will need a wider doorway, after opening the door reduces its width.

Folding door is the best solution for various kitchen compartments and cabinets.

Folding door, accordion is ideal as a front door to the kitchen pantry that provides the possibility of allocating a small utility room in a small kitchen.

Or glazed door?

Almost all varieties of interior doors available in both modifications of the deaf and glazed. The choice of a particular type of door will depend on the design of the room and its size. A small kitchen with a closed door, a blank will appear even smaller.

Glazed door gives the room lightness. It is recommended to install in the room that you want to connect, for example, with a living room, but with the possibility of separation of these areas.

Glazed door provides the room more light, which is especially welcome under the condition of small size of the kitchen.

Interesting ideas kitchen doors

The kitchen door can be equipped with additional devices and features to improve amenities kitchen work. On the kitchen door, you can attach hooks for hanging kitchen towels, napkins or kitchen accessories. The door mounted with a magnetic plate allows you to attach to the surface by means of magnets of different notes on purchases, and an additional valve at the bottom will allow you to enter and leave the four-legged inhabitants of the house.